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About Us

About Milet

As a trailblazing publishing company, Milet has indelibly expanded the scope and look of bilingual and multicultural titles for children and adults, combining artistic innovation with linguistic excellence in books and multimedia resources that are both educational and entertaining. Milet is also a groundbreaking publisher of literature in translation, bringing into English works by international authors of children’s books and adult literary fiction. Our books have won awards and praise, and most importantly, devoted readers (who we thank, greatly). Milet is known for its thoughtful, beautiful, high quality books and for its commitment to different voices and visions.

Milet continues to innovate and educate with exciting new titles: check out our latest and our enduring, essential titles on the site!
About our name: Milet, or Miletus, is a historical site on the Aegean coast of Turkey. In ancient times, Milet was a center of knowledge – a place where people from different places and cultures met and exchanged ideas, creating new philosophies and directions. That spirit of multiculturalism, exchange and innovation is the inspiration for Milet Publishing and is reflected in the diversity of our ranges.