Turkish Literature
Istanbul Blues

Istanbul Blues
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Publishers : Milet 
Price : £11.99
Description :

Set in Istanbul and beyond, the stories in Istanbul Blues are filled with Buket Uzuner’s remarkable sensitivity and psychological insight, taking us into the memories and imaginations of children and adults, and exploring shared history, love, and attachment—to family, friends, lovers, and places. Uzuner’s characters share stories that are mythical, mysterious, coincidental, witty, and full of wisdom. In the hands of an author who is a listener as much as a teller, no matter where they take place, these stories remind us of people we know, and ourselves.

Barcode : 9781840598520
Size : 130x195mm
Number of Pages : 128
Publication Date : 02/02/2014
Cover Type : Hardback
Language : English

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