Turkish Literature
The Disenchanted

The Disenchanted
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Author : 
Publishers : Milet 
Price : £11.99
Description :

The Disenchanted is a frame tale about how The Disenchanted came to be written, containing two main narrative strands set five years apart and concerning Kuzey, also writing a novel called The Disenchanted, who is a former left-wing militant and sailor, now a hotel owner. The story of his falling in love with a young woman is juxtaposed with his descent, five years later, into alcoholism and despair. This is set against the backdrop of a beautiful peninsula in Western Turkey where the landscape, charged with memories, lives outside time, but as neither the landscape nor the main characters can forget, there is no real escape from the peninsula, in spite of appearances to the contrary. The story culminates with what appears to be a human tragedy, but which may in fact be what Kuzey has hoped for all along.

Barcode : 9781840597660
Size : 135x195mm
Number of Pages : 260
Publication Date : 09/09/2012
Translated by : Alvin Parmar
Cover Type : Paperback
Language : English

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