Minutka: The Bilingual Dog (English–Turkish)

Minutka: The Bilingual Dog (English–Turkish)
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Author : 
Publishers : Milet 
Price : £6.99
Description :

Meet Minutka, a lovable, playful dog who is bilingual: she is fluent in English and French! Minutka even dreams in both languages!

She shows us how much fun it is to be in a family, to play around the house and garden and with friends, and to be bilingual.

With beautifully expressive, witty illustrations and a highly contemporary design, Minutka delights readers of all ages. Anyone who has ever known or loved a pet will instantly recognize and laugh at what Minutka does: how she shakes paw, snatches socks, runs in circles . . . Minutka is for everyone: you don't need to be a child or bilingual to be entertained and entranced by this lovable dog!

Praise for Minutka :

'Minutka, so minute that she might disappear under a finger if she did not stay safely in the center of the page, does not formally teach. Her statements don't progress from simple to difficult, or fall into categories like "food" or "greetings". She's just celebrating a life lived in two languages.'
Publishers Weekly

'Both the text and illustrations depict the frenetic, easily side-tracked nature of a young puppy.'
Children’s Literature

'Tiny, but charmingly expressive illustrations add an abundance of humour and capture the pleasure of being bilingual. This book is a gem.'

Age Range: 0+

Barcode : 9781840595109
Size : 245x250mm
Number of Pages : 48
Publication Date : 01/01/2007
Illustrated by : Anna Mycek-Wodecki
Cover Type : Hardback
Language : English-Turkish

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