Turkish Literature
Istanbul in Women's Short Stories

Istanbul in Women's Short Stories
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Publishers : Milet 
Price : £12.99
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In the twenty-seven short stories of this collection one can see the colourful traces of the people that have lived in the city of Istanbul throughout the centuries, penetrating its every corner. Drowned in the details of everyday life, Istanbul is enriched by the female perspectives featured in the collection. And we may very well encounter our own Istanbul as we travel between the lines of these stories. Reading Istanbul, a city with hundreds of years of history and cultural richness and which has experienced deep political and social change, through the eyes of these authors, will be to experience it intimately, differently and memorably. Istanbul is more than just a setting; it is in itself the protagonist (or antagonist!) of the stories. 

Barcode : 9781840596809
Size : 135x195mm
Number of Pages : 298
Publication Date : 04/04/2012
Translated by : İdil Aydoğan
Cover Type : Paperback
Language : English

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